When Christians Are Afraid of Color

Awhile back, I approached a Catholic veil maker and asked her to make me different colored veils for headcovering. She initially said she could custom make some veils for me, but then she turned me down because of the vivid colors I wanted. She said they were immodest and she could not make such immodest headcoverings.

Now I don’t wear headcoverings out of modesty.  I wear a headcovering in submission to God and my husband and “because of the angels.” I believe modesty is important, and it is certainly Biblical, but headcovering has nothing to do with modesty. It is about submission and reverence.

But what do some Christians have against bright color? There are no “immodest” or immoral colors. God made all the colors of the rainbow and he made them beautiful.   God created color, and I think it is no sin to use it. Look how bright wildflowers and rainbows and jewels and so many natural things are. And are we not more precious and beautiful to God than these inanimate things? If God made orange and green and hot pink, why would he not want us to use them? Is it so wrong that I want a deeply important symbol of my relationship with my Maker to look bright and beautiful?  And what is wrong with me wanting to look bright and beautiful? Why do I need to use somber, soft colors and hide myself? Why not show my joy and ecstasy through the canvas of clothing? Clothing should express something about your personality, and I love bright color. It is not immodest. It is just pure, brilliant color. I am not revealing my body or showing off. Perhaps she thought it was immodest because bright colors might be showing off, but that is definitely not a fair assumption. In our culture, wearing a headcovering makes you stand out no matter what color. I just like everything, from my walls to my clothes, to be bright. Furthermore, maybe if women wore beautiful headcoverings more often, it might encourage other women to try the true joy that is headcovering. Christian doesn’t have to mean somber, dowdy, or subdued. In fact, if you are happy to be covered, you should let it show. Picking a pretty color or a pretty lace is a good place to start. Women have a natural drive to make themselves and the things around them beautiful. God made most of us that way.

At the time the woman said no to me, it hurt me. I was so happy that I’d been convicted to headcover and I was beginning to reap so many spiritual benefits. I was so excited to have gorgeous veils in an array of colors, and she made me feel like a bad Christian for wanting that, as though my veils were mere fashion statements, and “immodest” ones at that. To take something that was quickly becoming important to me, something that I wanted to be beautiful, and to tell me what I wanted was immodest stung. But some of us are not pastel women. We are neon women, and there’s nothing wrong with that. God made me the way I am and I don’t think it is a sin to express myself through brightly colored clothes or veils. Whatever you do  you should do it to the glory of God, and whether you are adorning yourself or your church or your home, you should make it as beautiful as you can. I think bright colors are beautiful.

I have since found another veil maker, and she makes me gorgeous veils in colors across the rainbow spectrum. Her passion for making these spiritual items shows because of the love and beauty she pours into them. Wearing a veil is an act of worship, and I believe making them can be too if you put passion and creativity into it.

12 thoughts on “When Christians Are Afraid of Color”

  1. Have you heard of the Head Covering Movement? You’ll find a great many like-minded fellow believers. They can point you to countless stores where you can acquire all sorts of head-coverings.


    1. I have and I’d love to get more involved and even write for them, if they were taking writers. One of my old blog posts from another blog once got featured by them. I was over the moon! 🙂


      1. I’m hoping that even with Mr. Gardiner’s health issues, he finds some way to keep it up and running. Though I’m banned from commenting on the site, I do like to keep informed.
        I think that color shouldn’t be a problem when the reason isn’t modesty, why, the African American churches still feature wearing hats, and they’re big and bold.


      2. I had no idea he was having health issues. I just looked it up, and wow! How awful. I will be praying for him. That is bad news.

        I am glad I’m not the only one who feels that way about the color, and I think the big and bold hats in some of the African American churches are beautiful 🙂


      3. As the resident devil’s advocate, I debated against him frequently, I hold him no ill will and wish him a speedy recovery. I think with all the support he has from friends, family, and members of his movement – he’s got a great chance of getting a full recovery.

        Colors should be appreciated, they’ve always been assigned some sort of meaning. I remember in school when a kid was working on a God’s Eye (craft) and she was talking with a pastor trying to assign meanings to the colors – they had already used a meaning for dark blue and had trouble coming up with something for teal, so I suggest: “Maybe living water, like you know, from the story of the woman at the well?”
        And the pastor said: “You must be a Christian to know that story.”
        Color in and of itself can be just as much as a witness as a head-covering.


  2. Love this! I am a color person as well. Color and sunlight and sparkles! None of it is immodest, just beautiful! Thanks for your thoughts!

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  3. I agree with you. I love bright colours too. Even when I combine colours in my clothes and have something dark and sombre, I make sure I include an aspect of the cloth or accessories in a brighter colour. And on the blog, because of Pinterest, I’ve been posting bolder, brighter, vertical graphics. Bright colours are a blessing, I think. They introduce warmth and cheer. Bless you!


  4. I love ask the colors I just like the lighter ones better for everything not just head covering. Speaking of colors of the rainbow I have always wanted to ask am opinion but don’t want to get angry about the rainbow lol. Why does the LGBT community use it? I am not meaning that in a bad way against them or because I think the lifestyle is a sin. I ask not Catholic but I agree with the Pope Who am I to judge their lifestyle. Anyway just been thinking about that especially since the rainbow is spoken of in the Bible as the new covenant.


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