Innocence Threatened – Xhosa/Afrikaans Project

Poem in the original English, followed by translations to Xhosa and Afrikaans and back.

Blue light chases me.

My soul is cold,

spirit still dreaming.

In a meadow I roll down the hillocks

over and over,

my little sear suckered skirt frilly

over my still narrow hips.

A movie an angel might wish to watch

or a pederast.


Translation and edit:

In the meadow I roll down the hillock

my short skirt ruffled.

On my stretching back now,

a starlet with one hell of a fan.






Wrens build subdivisions in the sky blue earth lid

A mirror to my own gridlock of houses,

land with sharp corners.

To be free to be freewheeling,

with nothing to fear but sharper teeth and


is a life I do not wish for.

Night Road

Scarlet lights chase away the foamy,

ebony space of night.

Does the road remember my feet,

their burning wide imprints hunting for homeopathic


There was such a searing black pain in my bones,

glittering and sharp like the starry rocks in asphalt.

I hauled pain with me like water in those

uncivil days.