Engagement, Old Friends, Bunnies

I’ve been going through old photos on an old laptop and I have a bunch that I want to post. These photos are all from when Craig and I were engaged, and early in our marriage. It’s quite a walk down memory lane.

This was taken at my friend Emily’s wedding, where I was a bridesmaid. A few weeks later we had our own wedding.

Emily and I!

Out at lunch together.

Adopting Autumn

Scrapbooking! Cell phone cameras used to suck so bad.

Uncle Jerry and Craig

Jack, the best bunny ever. Loving, nondestructive, fun. He died a few weeks before the baby died of old age.

My handsome man when we were newly weds!

I’d never wear something that low cut now.

World of Coke in Atlanta!

Visiting Virginia Tech. Me standing in front of the dorm I lived in freshman year, Lee Hall.

In front of Drill Field at War Memorial.



Fuzzy snowmen smell like turpentine.

Why all this wistful wind,

this heavy quiet,

these creative snowmen dancing in slow motion

to no music?

Not inaudible music,

or even illegible sound,

but nothing at all-

Machines with no factory.

This snow  covers a ghost city.

The children scattered and died.

Yes, I am freezing.

Would you like to dance?