Today I was hit almost head on by someone heading in the opposite direction on 168. I was at the light waiting to turn and she was starting to drive after her light turned green and something in her car fell and she bent down to look for it and veered out of her lane and right into me. The car seems to be drive-able, but I haven’t had to take it far. I’m worried my AC may have been damaged, but time will tell. We stood outside for two hours waiting for the state trooper to arrive.

The lady was nice, said it was her first accident. She was an older woman. It sucks that now I have to take the car in and get it fixed when it just got out of the body shop from the accident we were in back in May. This has already been a rough summer for that car.

My mom came down in case we needed help getting home and she hung out with us for awhile. She has since left and I’m letting Angelica spend tonight and tomorrow night over at my parents’ house. I want her to get to spend extra time with them now that it is summer and my mom is on summer break.

As for me, I’ll just be relaxing tonight. I might watch a movie. I know I’m going to read before Craig calls. I’ll study the Bible. I might take a hot bath. I might write. I feel lonely without Craig or Angelica, but it will be nice to have some time to myself and I’m so glad she’s getting extra time with my parents.

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