The rays of the moon in my dance,
Lethal spillage of color.

I’m short on butterflies.
The hypocrites are barely saved.

When I lose my voice
Splendor will smell me.

Closed water storage area.

WIP 9th Letter

The yellow letter
Number 9
I can’t fathom the more dangerous work.

In my dressing pocket,
It’s a yellow nine.

I get my pancakes with extra syrup
When my husband makes breakfast.

I understand the shape of my body.
It is large and unrestricted.
And to come upon desire
With a desire for hidden light
Is to make lemonade in sum.

Egg yolk,
1980s hotpants
All 9 of my colors are yellow.

One book is very simple,
Don’t take 90 years to decide.

Taking emotional plans,
And you’ve gone over the edge with my name.


I walked down the road crying for milk.
I left a trace of ten behind me.

God as a musician.
God as a father.
God as a star.

I have no idea what fun is in my body.
Only dark memories of waking up yesterday
On the bank floor and covered with a foreign coin.

I chase a little,
Having more darkness in my right leg than my left.

Let the physics escape.

My milk went down warm.
I need a drink.

There are things that ordinary people don’t do,
But look.


The state of the art fog hides me.
When traveling I go hand in hand with the saints.

The tunnel is at the end of the light.
There is no difference between my moods
And my imperfect soul.

Yesterday is gone,
And his ashes were scattered by train.

Boiling water must be discussed in the pool.


My needs and desires grow
Like kudzu on you

Taking them from me is not stealing,
A label that disposes of bloodletting
To quiet its memories of such a beautiful heart.
You better not see it.

Nice need.
Silent seed.


I have a huge mitochondria
Sitting on my desk.
It is not a model,
Just overgrown.

It likes chocolate bars.

My students,
Watch the mitochondria
Squeeze and wriggle on the table.

I rub off my dead skin,
Ease it into the alien world
Of permanent energy,
And watch the lights dim.


Sick blue saxophones see the thermal inferno.

He has said “I will never lose the true facts.”

She has said, “I will never abandon my corners ”

Music drifts to hell.

Where will they go in the silence that follows?

Claws and Colors

Shivering yelps race to the edge of audible.

There are always claws on our edges,

Steering us away from the yelling
The time spent idling in swimming pools judging extra colors

And into a song on repeat.
Even the acrobats and ballerinas will die in the end.

It was my last gasp
That fluttered across the wind.

Moon and Stars

Stars do not stoop before moons,
Only before an invisible God. Ringing the multiverse with fire.

Moons are delicate,
Sound like flutes as they spin.
Moons are sleepy debutantes
Over each devouring body.

Stars, arrogant,
Give each other more space
Than is wise.


Guiltless and capable,
The butter knife lounging on the counter.

Butter is soft and weak,
And hates her,
Uet through her dulling days
She never forgets butter.