Sweet Blue West

The sweet blue west calls me.

A vision of endless land is seared into my eyes.

Why take this seasick sailor

and set her in the lovelorn Prairie

where emptiness is everything

and loneliness is nothing,

only to drop her from a thunderous cloud

in a crowded coastal city

to drown?

2 thoughts on “Sweet Blue West”

  1. Hi! I love the atmosphere on your blog. I also love that your poems are about different things, not just faith. I post poems and stories on love and other stuff, some of which are not necessarily faith-linked. Helps to bring in a wide range of readers who may also read faith stuff while they are on the blog. Keep up the good work and remain blessed.

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    1. Thanks Edith! I do sometimes worry that not picking a niche might be bad for my blog, but really I do want it to encompass everything in my life. And I do hope that maybe someone reading the poetry will read about the faith, or even that someone who doesn’t normally read about poetry will read some while they are here to read about faith. I like to have everything interconnected. I’m glad you think so, too.


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