He Will Take Great Delight in You.

God delights in us. He loves us as His children. Just as we take delight in our children’s first steps, happy faces, school accomplishments, happiness, and talents, so does God with us. No matter how old you are, whether you are on spiritual milk or solid food, God loves you as His sons and daughters. We makeĀ  God happy. He likes to watch over us. Our happiness is His happiness, our triumphs His triumphs. Our pain is His pain, our hurt His hurt. He is deeply connected to us. He wants to watch us lead good lives, live out our holy purpose, follow Him, and follow our dreams.

Just my happy thought for the day!

The Battle

Incalculable chemicals take their daily calcium,

Get stronger and stronger on blood broth,

and the fields sleep.

The battle is tomorrow.

I run my fingers through feathered grass and


How many hordes would maim and dismember

to choose what I do with my sculpture of bone?

The new war is personalized,



The chemicals leave trails

vociferous and victorious.