Great Instagraming Book

Okay, so I’m not some professional social media marketer, nor do I want to be. So I’m not saying this as an expert. But I really like this book about Instagram. Instagram is a lot of fun, and there are a lot of interesting things on there. I recently started a second IG just for pictures of books I am reading or have read. A bookstagram. I like making things pretty or bright. I am not a subdued girl. And this book provides lots of pretty images to give you ideas, and features tips and challenges to stretch your creative muscles on Instagram.

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Metal boy,

a clockwork gear.

Across the fields my friend waits,

a locket of thistles and thorns.

I am the other half.

I am a hemisphere of sharp milk and prowling honey.

The clock Chimes.

My belly hurts.

Threaded through the thoroughbred spring

a static strand of silt.