Dreaming With God

This is an interesting biography/bible study written by a ballet dancer. It is about following your dreams while walking with God. There are some good questions at the end of each chapter. There’s only a little space to write, so if you want to journal through the book you should probably get out a separate notebook. But the book is a worthwhile read and the questions are good to ponder. It talks about a couple of things, well several really. But the two messages that stand out are 1. to be open to what God is trying to do in your life and go where He is trying to send you. 2. To realize God gives you your gifts and your dreams for a reason, and you should see where you can go with them. It is an inspiring little book and an elegant read.

God in the Yellow Wallpaper

I am stripping the yellow wallpaper

with my rabid teeth.

See the illuminations behind it,

so many gold filigree letters.

But no meaning to be scraped

from the lines and curves.

The Holy Text is hidden,

happy to be away from us

and our meandrous analytics.

Blue stripes,





Yellow stripping,

buttercup sunshine piercing my brain.