I Have Love

This tree keeps me limber.

I have love but you’ll have to take the floor model

Inside the apple the worm tries to slim down.

I have an erotic stairwell.

I am a song and he loops in and out all day long.


This steroidal fire can be induced by people as

so many Allosaurus’s, thrilling, chilling, killing.

My bedroom at home folds in on itself,

origami fortune teller,

and when I leave this petrifying zoo

I will have to try to find my way back in.

My bed was taken from my rib,

a helpmeet just for me.

And these pills

Oh these pills!

See how they make me bend.

A ghost climbs up the tree and

I get wet with desire.


Impressionist teeth crumble as they nibble

on a diary of construction.


  1. Today we stitched a laugh out of lace.
  2. A gallimaufry of great gigawatt guests in green give the gawkish light glow.
  3. Vernal vibrancy of vigorous butterflies detracts from the stone beauty of the aqueducts.
  4. Today we added the zealous, zesty windows to the house with the orange emotions.


What painting can enclose

this world by the water?

What fuzzy brush can I use

to spread the remains of the rainbow

over this voluminous canvas?

I need Impressionism.

Accuracy just can’t do this justice.