My Favorite Abstract Painting

When Craig and I went to the art museum here in Colorado Springs, this was my favorite painting. There were many works of art there I loved. There was a 3D exhibit with all these tiny claymation creatures and an accompanying video that I really loved too. But of the paintings this was my favorite.

I love abstract painting. I love it when everything is about color and texture. That’s why I’m trying to learn to do it. It’s therapeutic of course, but I’d also like to create really cool images from colorful paints and textured substrates. Some people think of that as a cheap cop out because I’m not really somebody who can learn to paint tree that looks like a tree. But to make a good abstract painting requires every bit as much skill as a realist painting. It’s just very different. I’m sure I’ll never be as good as this and I will also never work on such a grand scale. I probably can’t forward to! But I love working on a small scale and I am really enjoying learning to paint. But I treasure this photograph because it’s a picture of me with something that I really fell in love with.

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