Guide the Leopard Home

With rainbow ease I
sew my image on the mirror.
I have not blinked in days,
and now I see through
clouds to the dancing dead
shimmering in copper.

When I was born
(between songs)
my self was already old
and imprinted in glass.
When my face begins to crack
the glass will implode.

My self was born some time
between yesterday and
happily never after.

I need mirrors to make me remember
the things I once had memorized,
the monotheistic candle wicks
I must light,
To guide the leopard home
through the silo of night.

Self so stiff and soft,
stitched ad infinitum
in eternity.

3 New Canvases

I will start with my two favorites, the ones with texture. I like the third one too, the one where I use the Golden Fluid acrylics, but I’m really loving texture right now.

All the paint is dry.

3D painting

The one in the middle reminds me of a bacterial colony. The one at the bottom I call Rage. The one at the top I think I’m going to call Alone Time.

These are my latest adventures in painting, although I already have the canvases primed over again with gesso. Once the gesso dries and the base layers paint, I’ll get started again on something new. I think I’m going to start using hair combs to spread the paint around. And maybe an extra hairbrush if I can find one.


More Canvases

My attempts at painting are continuing. I have three little canvas boards that I have been working on over and over again, photographing them at different stages. I’m playing with different applicators to get the paint on the canvas. Right now I’m using a metal Brillo pad. I’ve also got some toothbrushes to use with my paints. Haven’t used those yet though.

I have used all three kinds of acrylics that I have. I can’t wait to get more colors, but for now I will work with what I got. I’ve been flicking paint and layering paint and scratching paint away and using molding paste to make my paint stand up into sharp little points. I can’t wait to get some photographs of those. Hopefully I can capture the effect.  I don’t know if anyone else will like them, but I’m having fun! I like texture and 3 dimensionality.

These are some images I painted earlier in the week. I wasn’t really trying to do anything fancy with them, but I think they turned out interesting. The first one, as you might be able to guess, it’s called Aquarium. The second one is called Night Out. I made the black underlayer extremely glossy, and used metallic paint for the gold flecks

Christian Bookstore, Diet, Domain Name

Angelica has been going to Vacation Bible School this week. She seems to be having fun and they do nice activities. Today she got a little picture frame to take home with Legos around the border. So far though when we talked to her it doesn’t seem like she’s actually learned anything. Maybe the messages will sink in later. But we ask her what she learned about God and she’ll say well we played. Then we’ll say, what did you learn about Jesus? And she’ll say we danced.

Craig has been home for the past few days because it is the time in his rotation where he gets a few days off. So we have been spending the mornings together running errands or just enjoying some quality time before we pick up Angelica. We love the Christian bookstore we went to. So many good books! And there are a lot of homeschool supplies too.

My diet is going well, knock on wood. I think I need to cut back a little more but I am still losing weight. I am so grateful for that.

I’m trying to pick a domain name for this site. I have done a little bit of remodeling on the page, and I would like to go ahead and buy a domain and make everything complete. Plus, if I buy hosting I get more memory. And I’m running low on memory. I’m considering several options for names, but I’m open to suggestions.

I am probably overthinking it, but this is my special little space on the web and I want it to have a good name. I’m torn between something functional, like the Veiled Housewife, and something creative/poetic like October Glow. More people will find the first one, and as I write about head covering and submission sometimes it might make sense. Plus, I like reading blogs by other stay at home women, so it might be nice to be listed as one. At the same time I really like the idea of something super creative and poetic, even if it will never show up in a search engine and some people might not understand why it has the name it has.

Some ideas:

Filigree Moon

November Snow

Sapphire Sea

Pelerine Journal

Red Telephone

Glitter Ghost