3 Poems in a Minor Key

An envelope locked out of sight,

buttercups giggling in the fields –

and then a pink fog rolls over the view.

It is all so dreamy.

Don’t bring a mirror here.


Gloomy, graceful ghosts

lounge under the beach umbrella.

They are nudists.

They are like frosted glass.

No sunburns will befall them

as they get drunk

and carouse on the beach where they

washed ashore.


Welcome to the Life Center

With sparkly resources to help you warm winter.

Are you a cartwheel?

A suspicious glance?

A still wind?

We can help you get back to work.

We offer many courses:

Earth Spinning

Bone Knitting

Light Painting –

and certifications in

Prebirth Fantasy,

Pain Sculpture

Freeway Fashion.

Visit us today in the building of roses,

at the corner of Air and Fire.

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