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Husband and Wife

I am a well he drinks from
as he spends his seventh day
wandering the desert.

I’ve camped in waiting
And know the roughness
of the terrain,
the burning banality of work.

He built our home by hand
and like a bird I added
shiny things to reflect
the sun a thousand times
to guide him home.

My body is his haven,
the end of a chase
and the beginning of a pursuit.

He lays his head on my breasts
slides his hand down my belly.

The well will never run dry.


My eyes

Without permit.

Thrill shivers beneath my surface.


Light candy.


Stripping pink silhouette,

Like wallpaper,

Like lover.


My cloak is a cloud,

Dark, and rolling over me as a storm

over a fruitful plain.

Call me by my needs.


Can you tell where I’m going,

All finesse and shard?

The space between my thighs

A confection.

My Lover

Cracked moon
like a mind,
or still birth balloon.

Glowing over gold fields of grain,
illuminating icy igloos,
milky white cataract of craters
crawling with crusty cultures like
a search engine.

He sees my body contort alone,
my skin cold as fright,
and if he sees my lover breathing and being
away from me
he says nothing.