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I work to the tune of your aurora.

The floor wears away imperceptibly

as a woman whose dreams have

been munched by the wolf in her words.

The tundra of my inexperience thaws.

On the know-it-all breeze,

laughter that grips my heart

like a hand.

When the pollen heard you weep,

you were sainted by the grass.

Your greens, your purples.

Your lilting light that

whips through my space

like remorse.

Your song is dangerous,


Mathematics and Art

Moving faster than math,

I ride the train to the city.


Lines, gradations, numbers.


So many nice colors,

Cool chaos,

The air slick with liquid nitrogen.


An ornament,

My education dangles

from the tree in city center.

In the reservoir,

My distilled ambition eddying.

Through the equation of church bells,

A garland of neon loss.


Which sun is silent, low?

The near one that blinds

Or the farther that fries?


In a clear city,


give you an inert art.