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Shy, Parsnip, Mother’s Day

I feel so private, so shy. Earlier in the week I submitted to two magazines. I hadn’t done that in a long time. There is a poet group I want to join, but I can’t even fill out the paperwork. Putting myself out there feels exhausting and violating – especially because they talk about giving readings and things like that. I have never been an extravert. In fact, I have been very introverted my whole life. The older I get, the worse it gets. There is a group of horror writers I want to get plugged into. I am excited about it, as I really love reading horror, have supernatural experiences at home, and I want to write fiction.

The thought of going to a meeting sucks my spine out of me.

Forcing myself to go would be good for me. I would love to find inspiration and meet like minded people. Being there would probably be spectacular. The thought of going gives me butterflies. Not even butterflies. It gives me moths.

Parsnip has a new enclosure that Craig built for him. It is in the library, which gives him more sun than he got in the laundry room. There are plenty of pros and cons for parsnip. He is now enclosed in a much smaller space. It’s more fun and definitely cozier, but it’s smaller. When he was in the laundry room he got to go out and run around the house a lot more. He was shut into the laundry room while we were sleeping or when I had to go to a store, but he spent a lot of hours a day running around the house. Now he doesn’t. This us partially to minimize possible future damage to the house. My little bunny has already caused trouble. Part of it is because this new enclosure doesn’t have a way to open the gate. He has to be put into his enclosure from the top. So if we let him out to run around the house and we aren’t available to really really watch him and follow him he could run into trouble. If he needs to eat, drink, or use his litter box he can’t get to it. So he can only come out of the enclosure at certain times. It was possible to make an enclosure that would allow him to get into it, but then it wouldn’t be secure enough to keep him from getting out of it. Parsnip is a fuzzy genius. Craig actually stapled the walls of the pen to the plywood.

We took Angelica out front on her skates. She doesn’t yet know how to skate per se, but she walked in the skates. Her balance was amazing – especially considering we haven’t been teaching her. We need to take her to a rink.

Mother’s Day was lovely. Good food, good gifts, good time. My daughter picked out a pretty watch for me. Craig got me two pieces of art from a local gallery, and another gift that I am not sure where he got it. We grabbed lunch at that cute little French place. I feel cherished

Craig is Home

Craig got home on Friday and we got to pick him up around noon. It has been so nice having him here. Angelica actually thinks he lives on the ship, and whenever he has to go to the ship she says he’s going home. Today we went to the ship for Craig to offload the rest of his stuff from his stateroom and she asked if daddy was going home. We try to explain to her that Daddy lives with us and just works on the ship, but after the last big deployment that doesn’t really seem to sink in with her and she’s quite sure Craig lives on the Eisenhower! It’s cute and sad at the same time.

We stayed in for most of the weekend, but today we went to Steak N Shake in Virginia Beach. I love that place. Forget my previous post about dieting. You can’t diet when the possibility of Steak N Shake exists. The diet will have to wait for another day. I got the shooter trio with two garlic burgers with cheese, and one cajun burger with cheese. Then I got an orange creamsicle milkshake. Delicious.

Parsnip is settling in to family life quite well. He apparently got out of his enclosure last night and Craig found him waiting patiently outside the enclosure this morning, wanting to get back in to get to his food and water. I don’t know whether he leaped over the side or  if he squeezed out because I didn’t have it secure enough. If he could squeeze out though you’d think he could squeeze back in, which makes me wonder if he jumped out and maybe had a hard time clearing that height. But at any rate he was not destructive even though he was by himself out of his enclosure for who knows how long, and today I even let him in the master bedroom and closet and bathroom, so now he has been everywhere except the FROG and laundry room.

I love it when he jumps up on the sofa to sit with me, and he grooms me and gives me kisses. He would have loved Jack. They are the best two bunnies ever. I’m so glad I found another companionable bunny. He makes the house more lively and cheerful. I always look forward to letting him out of his enclosure when I get home. He runs loose the whole time I’m home. He enjoys relaxing under the window behind the rocking chair in the library.

Angelica loves having him and is always petting him and feeding him. The first thing she does when I wake up in the morning is ask me to take him out. Getting a pet was definitely the right decision from her point of view as well. As I write, she’s playing with him.

1st Weekend with Bunny, Sleep

Well this morning I almost made my goal for not sleeping in, but I woke up before my alarm and thought I could go back to sleep until my alarm went off. Then I slept past my alarm. I should have just stayed up. Next time I will. I’m determined that tomorrow will be better.

Weekend one with the bunny has gone well. So far he has not peed outside his litterbox once. He has pooped outside it, but it has stayed at a manageable level. He’s still sweet, cuddly, and calm. Yesterday he took an apple from Angelica and started munching on it.  Simply adorable.  He also took on a little stuffed alligator and was playing with it. Parsnip hasn’t chewed on any wires yet, thank goodness.

One ear is kind of lopped over and he can’t seem to pick it up very much, so I think he might be a mixed breed with lop. The other ear stands at attention. The result is a bunny who looks like he’s trying to get TV reception.

He watched Real Housewives of New York with me for awhile. Real Housewives is my concession to reality tv. I think it is fun to watch, and great to watch when you’re tired because it doesn’t take a lot of thought. I was really tired yesterday. So tired in fact that I went to bed with baby at 8:30, rather than staying up a little later like I usually do when I’m by myself. But by 8:30 I was ready to pass out.


So for awhile now I’ve missed having a bunny. I miss Jack, the bunny I was closest to who died. And in general I’ve just missed having a furry companion. I had a cat that didn’t work out (although now looking back I think maybe I should have kept the cat as an outdoor kitty), but I still miss having a furry friend. I used to have bunnies, but Jack died and the others I gave up. I was going to be moving to my inlaws for deployment and it would have been a logistical nightmare to keep them all, not to mention the damage they were doing to my house with their territorial spraying. The problem was they pair bonded, but not as a whole group, so some of them were always at odds with others and marking territory and refusing to litter train. I wanted to keep at least one, but since they all bonded to at least one other bunny (there were five) it was impossible to keep just one without breaking up a bonded group. So I felt like I was between a rock and a hard place, and I gave them up, but I kept them together in their bonded groups. But I miss them and I think about them and hope they’re doing well.

Bunnies have been on my mind, and I finally decided to take the plunge and try having a bunny one more time. I used to really enjoy having bunnies before I took on too many to handle, and I’m wondering if it won’t be a lot easier to litter train and manage one bunny as opposed to multiples. I also wonder if all bunnies are as destructive as some of the ones I had before (Jack wasn’t destructive, just old and incontinent) and if I might have lucked out with a less destructive, equally cuddly bunny at the much more manageable (hopefully!) number of one.

So here is our new bunny, tentatively named Parsnip. He’s been chilling on the sofa with me this evening and has even been patient with the Angelica’s high energy and exuberance. Thus far I like him. He has a sweet disposition, and he is as calm and relaxed as he is playful and fun. At 7 weeks old, he’s still a baby and quite small. Because of this it may be too early to know his nature, but what I see at this point is really quite encouraging. He’s patient, kind, and companionable.

Talk about adorable: