Reading Peter Rabbit to Angelica

In our family, we love bunnies. We have a 1 year old black bunny named Parsnip. I have loved bunnies my whole life, and I have passed that down to my daughter. One of our mutual favorite stories is the classic Peter Rabbit. These were taken as we were getting ready to read together yesterday.



Wintry Culture

At the sea level a polished ice.

Under it,

two polite humanoids that cannot pass,

Their painful courtesy increasing

against the cold crusted water.


I have the urge to cry.

I have for years.


The storm swirls deeply,

Blurring boundaries between

The dead and the sea.


The winter will sail

beyond borders and shore,

an elegant hole in the warm web of living.


For now,

nude humanoids,

Scratching at the well-kept surface

Of a national ice.


The blister is open where the money is.

Lie down,

Removed from the vicissitude of skin.

The pit of mercy,

His own money,

Leaves her hungry.


A proud pit, a deep pit.


The development of such objects

Unbearable as it is unacceptable


He wanted his place,

His needs eternal,

And so he did something dark.