Reading Peter Rabbit to Angelica

In our family, we love bunnies. We have a 1 year old black bunny named Parsnip. I have loved bunnies my whole life, and I have passed that down to my daughter. One of our mutual favorite stories is the classic Peter Rabbit. These were taken as we were getting ready to read together yesterday.



When She Becomes a Mother…

Someday, I hope my daughter will be a mother. This is a picture of her at church on Mother’s Day holding the carnation I was given. She really wanted to hold the flower!

Seeing my baby with babies of her own will undoubtedly be bittersweet, but I do want to see that. I hope Angelica loves being a mother. That is the important thing. Women that love being mothers do a better job with their children than women who don’t. The experience of motherhood is so wonderful and refreshing, and I hope that she can really embrace that joy.

I hope she doesn’t sweat the stupid stuff. There is so much conflicting parenting advice out there. Really though, you don’t need advice at all. Use common sense and figure out what works for you and your kid. I want her to know that she doesn’t answer to anyone but God for her parenting, not even me. There is no perfect guidebook. Parenting books are interesting to read, and if you find something in one that is of interest then by all means use it. But it is not necessary. She will know how to raise her child without being told.

I hope that she comes to me when she needs a break. She should have a babysitter too, especially if she doesn’t live near me. There is nothing wrong with having a babysitter and getting time to yourself. But Angelica should know that if she needs a break I’ll walk up the street (or fly across the country) to come and take care of my grandchildren while she and her husband get some much needed time of refreshment and relaxation. Having time to yourself makes you a happier person and a better parent, and I hope that comes across to her as she grows up and sees how I do things. Don’t be a martyr. If you truly don’t want the time off that is one thing, but if you do you should take it.

She should document as much as she can. I sometimes drive my daughter and my husband nuts with all the pictures I take. But at the end of the day I have all these memories and scrapbooks preserved. I do not have the best memory anymore. Photographs will help me relive the best years of my life when I am old, and will give me a legacy to pass down to Angelica so that she can view her own childhood and have that to keep. Sometimes it is good to stay in the moment and just enjoy it, but overall it is better to have a camera or phone. You’ll never get that moment back, so preserve it.

I hope that Angelica has the opportunity to be a mother, and I will help her in any way I can if she does. If she does become a mother, I just really pray that she loves it and that she makes the most of her memory making years, and that she is confident in her decisions and maintains her identity.

Home for Sale

Spacious container for living

Available for sale.

See how my memories project over the walls,

Flickering movies with the sound low. 

Sunburned moments flit past the windows like dust,

The living room a ball room for the most romantic

Versions of everyone else. 

Birth and NICU

Angelica spent a week in the NICU when she was born because her oxygen levels would sometimes drop. She would always recover on her own, but they kept her at CHKD for a week anyways, and didn’t help her. We had to fight to get her out of there. Now here she is 3 years later healthy and happy. These are a few pictures from her birth but mostly pictures in the NICU and right after she got out of the NICU.

Holding her in my arms…

So happy I made it through my pregnancy and got a beautiful baby girl in the end.

A perfect picture of my newborn baby and I.

My dad holding Angelica.

Grandpa and granddaughter!

In the NICU crib.

Daddy daughter lunch time.

Talk to the hand ’cause the face ain’t gonna listen.

Grandma and grandbaby!

Sleeping Beauty. God I still remember the way she smelled of formula. So precious.

Fooling Around at Work, Ring, Happiness

Taken while we were engaged!

Showing off my snowflake engagement ring. I fell in love with it the moment I saw it. I was ring shopping with Craig at Long’s and I immediately said “I want that one.” I wouldn’t even list another ring as a possibility.

Playing dead while working at A.C. Moore, a job I initially liked but came to hate when we got new management.

Causing trouble in the stock room part 2

Dinner with my parents at Olive Garden. I had just moved into the condo with Craig. It was a couple of weeks before the wedding.

Autumn loved to climb on our books!

Jack being a sweetie!

Bunnies relaxing at the condo

I love my man ❤

In love