Cut the phantom from my back.
I am unannounced and unfrequented.
A wavelength no one sees,
a dizzy, dazzling particle
known to science only as
“effusive missing.”
Schrödinger’s dancer dancing in
the dark.
Remove from me the red, digitized light
of sovereignty and certainty.


I’m free of rain.

I show my picture to the mirror.

I was not busy in my shiny days

and now I see

clouds of supplication ahead,

burning bronze.


My shape shifting selfishness

Folded into a skin box,



My life was born for a while,

between sameness and joy.


Ten times I memorize myself,

candy candle

I have to light,

To guide kaleidoscope perception

Back home to me.


Interdependence is difficult and soft,

ad infinitum.