Homeschool Victory

This morning I was able to teach Angelica to count objects as high as five. I am waiting to see if she will retain it, but I did several exercises with counting to 2, 3, 4, and 5.   She did wonderfully well on them.

We haven’t been keeping up with our math side of the curriculum. We are supposed to be on 9, but that just isn’t possible at this point.  But the fact she got up to five was amazing. She has been struggling with 2. I am hoping that it has finally clicked for the lower numbers and she will retain what she learned. Sometimes she seems to have difficulty retaining what she has learned. I did not want to push her too hard though. Angelica made such good progress in the short time we have worked so far today that I wanted to quit before she got frustrated with anything, so that she could have her first positive memory/experience with school this week. She has gotten to where she is reluctant to do school anymore because it is difficult for her. But today she was beaming because she was getting almost everything right.  I am so happy for her!

We are reviewing old lessons in the workbook. I’ve decided to backtrack. I don’t think she has truly mastered the material we have covered, so we are going to do review and activities. I am just so proud of her, and so overjoyed for her as well. I recognize we are still behind the curve, but progress is progress. And this was some tremendous progress. Now to pray that it is retained…

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