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Fun and Dr. Appointments

On Wednesday night we were invited to dinner buy some new friends. It was absolutely wonderful to get to just sit down and chat, and the food that they made was delicious. They are Korean and so they had all this good Korean food. It was a really refreshing experience because I haven’t had very much Korean food before. I did have some good stuff back in college when I was doing ESL tutoring for a Korean family in Blacksburg. I absolutely loved that job. And the family was so kind and invited me to dinner sometimes. But since then I haven’t had any Korean food so it felt like a brand new experience.

I was grateful that I felt well enough to go, since I was worried that I wouldn’t feel well enough to go and I would have hated to have to back out. But I felt good and it was so wonderful to have the company. M and D are wonderful, kind, interesting people. I want to get together for another couples evening soon, and I definitely want to just hang out with M. 

I have been reading my abnormal psychology textbook that I got at a used bookstore a while back. I’ve been studying the section on personality disorders. They are absolutely fascinating. Psychology would be such a good field to go into, although I would rather be a researcher than a therapist I think. I have a lot more to read too. I just got several back issues of Artful Blogging that I was never able to buy before because they were out of stock on the publisher’s website. But I found them on Amazon so I’m happy. I’m waiting for a new parallel Bible to arrive, and I have tons of books on my Kindle to read too. If I can get to where I feel well enough again to read regularly I have so much good material to cover.

Craig has been off from work since Monday, but it feels like we haven’t spent that much time together because there have been so many doctors appointments. Of course Angelica has to speech appointments every week. we at least got to go to those together. But I have had appointments too and have been out of the house a lot. I finally got the second MRI done on my foot. This one was with contrast so they had to get an IV in me. That is never easy or fun. I told the nurse up front that it was not going to be easy and sure enough it wasn’t. I hate IVs. That’s a good reason not to have surgery right there! I saw an optometrist too, and my prescription hasn’t changed. I’m so happy that I don’t have to order new lenses for my glasses. I still have to buy new contacts obviously, but that’s not as big of a deal and they optometrist doesn’t do that thing that some of them do where they try to force you to buy contacts from them. The doctor just gave me my prescription and I can go wherever I want. So of course I’m going to have to do some price comparison and shop around.

Angelica adores magazines!

Angelica and I have gotten to spend some time together though, and that has been really nice. Today we cuddled up in the library and went through an Origami Owl catalog. There’s a ton of stuff I want to get from the fall and winter season, but I always forget or just isn’t the right time. But soon I really need to get some charms. Angelica wants her own necklace and to choose her own charms, but at this point I just feel like she is not responsible enough to take good care of jewelry. I have given her some jewelry that I have already and she is getting better about taking care of it, but she still not really to the point yet where I want to spend 70 or 80 bucks getting her a necklace. I’m afraid it will just get lost or tangled ip and broken. I look forward to the day where I can shop for things like jewelry for her.

She really likes magazines too, just like I do. She came across one of my old issues of Life:Beautiful and went crazy for it. One of her grandmothers has gotten her a Highlights subscription and I think she’ll really enjoy that. We’ll see.

Rediscovering an Old Passion

Before we left on our vacation to tour the Northwest, Craig decided to look for our cameras and bring the nice cameras on the trip with us. I didn’t think it was a bad idea. The cameras are nice, and haven’t been used in years. However, I didn’t care that much. I enjoy taking photos on my phone, and  the editing apps I like to use are all on my phone. I really like the results I can get on my Galaxy, and using an actual camera just hasn’t been on my radar.

Using a camera takes more work and dedication then using a phone camera. Aside from the fact you have way more settings to learn, if your camera doesn’t have wifi (and mine doesn’t) you have to take the time to clear out the memory card and dump the files onto your computer. If you love your phone editing apps, as I do, then after that you have to hook up your phone to your computer and transfer them there for editing or sharing. It also gives you one more device to have to charge. Basically, it is kind of a pain.

I Love my Camera

It is so worth it! The photos I got were so much better than what I typically get on my phone. Portraits were crisper and cleaner. The high contrast black and white setting created some stark, moody images. I got to experiment with long exposure. I still have a long way to go with that, but just experimenting with the possibilities awakened something in me.

Miniature Photography

My favorite thing, by far, was playing with miniature mode. I can get some decent black and whites on my phone. The portraits it takes are not always stunning, but do the job and can be edited. However, for taking miniature photos (or tilt shift, as they are otherwise referred to) I have found nothing on my phone to even remotely measure up to my camera. The miniature photos I took on my camera were miles ahead of the miniature images I have created on my phone. The phone camera apps that do miniature are clunky and unsophisticated. The other miniature/ tilt shift photography apps that turn photos into tilt shift images after you take them with your regular camera app just don’t do a spectacular job. The finished look is never that beautiful. Some apps are certainly better than others, and will do in a pinch, but after spending days using the miniature mode on a decent camera I will never look back, and I can see clearly a difference between miniature photos I’ve done with my phone and the ones I’ve taken on my camera. Miniature is my absolute favorite, and I have lost sight of that over years of using a cell phone camera for convenience.

My Love of Photography Has Been Rekindled

Years ago, in college, I spent a lot of time on photography. It was what I did the most, besides writing. Every weekend and some weekdays were spent photographing the world around me or editing photographs I’d taken. After that, when I was using a cheaper camera and had not yet fallen into the habit of using a cell phone, I fell in love with tilt shift photography. I saw some miniature images online and knew immediately that I wanted to do that.

Recently I have gotten back into photography on my phone after a long dry spell. Don’t get me wrong, I still love my phone camera and I’ve seen people make gorgeous art with their phone cameras. My favorite editing app of all time is on my phone, so I will have to transfer my photos to it. But there is something so special, artful, and magical about using an actual camera, and the detail and lighting and miniature mode on cameras outdo phone cameras by a long shot.

Being able to take good tilt shift images again has reignited my creativity. Long exposure is something I’m dying to get good at, and to use to create really surreal and sublime images. There is so much to discover on my camera, and I am only scratching the surface. I definitely want to build my skills with macro mode. Having a new creative outlet, especially one that gets me in touch with my past self and which sparks an old flame, makes my soul sparkle with excitement and glow with satisfaction. I’ve been dipping my toes in the water of photography for a while, but now I am going to slip beneath the surface. The water is like silk, the waves a tender, clean coolness.