Good Day So Far

Today has been amazing. It started with some cuddles with Craig when he got home from his mid.

After that I jumped in the shower and enjoyed the steam and clean feel. Sometimes I don’t feel well enough to shower, so that made me happy.

Afterward I started some laundry, mopped the floors, did the dishes, took out the recycling, took out the trash, and ran the roomba.

I then did some photography experiments.

I used text and video to teach Angelica a lesson about volcanoes.

I spent time in a devotional.

Completely unrelated, I enjoyed part of a volume of erotic poetry.

Then, to top a perfect morning off, I got to spend time catching up with my friend L over the phone.

Such a successful morning! I hope to feel this good and be this productive the rest of the day.


I stand in the sweaty afternoon

with my plucky face bared

to inconsiderate air.

I played cymbals until sound

quit without notice.

Even the waves beat the

rocks noiselessly.

I am leaking from my skin,

Watering the grass.

Marketers breathe into their telephones,

into territories of love and laundry.

into the most private

biomes of gratitude and violence.

Can I buy an antibiotic

for the infection in my thoughts?

Mornings are mundane.

Behind me,

The soundless ill intent

of summer.


the sun counting the life that

slips from me in grams.