Some Idea About Birds

Supermarket cool,

I saunter down the avenue,

acknowledging height with a nod.

Perched on a chain link fence,


some idea about birds.

I wept once,

and the bluejays turned a

mysterious shade of wisteria.

Spectral women love the glitz

more than me,

which is to say they don’t love

me at all,

which is to say I love glitz.

In my own plastic Paris,

The shops sell angelic wings

sewn with glistening webbing.

Yesterday’s neighbor

smiles benevolently on me,

her eyesight restored,

her loneliness a cloud on

her daughter’s rooftop in

the city of breath.

I am a trespasser here,

A bird in the stratosphere.

Perfume for Jesus’s Feet

Angelica came to me yesterday and told me she made a cross. She had drawn a cross – and put my favorite scrapbooking bows all over it. 

I have been letting Angelica go into the craft room by herself and use materials she likes for several months now. I’ve been sharing craft supplies with her her whole life, but until recently I supervised 100 percent of the time and chose the materials she could use. Angelica is growing up so fast though that lately that I let her come and go in the craft room alone or with Grace, her wonderful babysitter. She can use any paper, stickers, ribbon, washi tape etc that she wants.

Yet I had a moment of dispair when I saw she had used some of my favorite little pieces all at once and on one project. I was happy to see her artwork, and thrilled by her devotion to Jesus, but I did feel a little twinge when I realized I couldn’t use those for still lifes again or for a collage or scrapbook page. 

Then I had a revelation. Angelica loves these bows too. She didn’t give one thought to giving all the best bows, at once, to Jesus. It is a given she will never have those supplies again. She knows that, and she didn’t hesitate. Angelica gave her perfume to Jesus. My job as a mother is to help her grow in her faith and continue to pour her best bottle of perfume on the feet of Jesus. And yesterday, I learned from her.