Pastel pastures bask in
the purity of their useful
the hammer ringing in
the paleolithic barn.

The slaughterhouse is pink
with blood washed
with wicked water.

Awake and aware,
the animals appreciate
the land
more than we do.

the curvature of canceled
mountains ripple the fields
like an ocean.

Wyoming, Montana, South Dakota

Our road trip through the Northwest began on Thursday! We are doing Wyoming, Montana, Idaho, Washington, Oregon, and Utah. We would like to do Nevada and California,  but we don’t think we will have time. We went to the Museum of the Rockies in Bozeman this morning. Great dinosaur museum with a planetarium, though we didn’t get to see the show. Pictures of the museum in another post.

Montana is stunning. Wyoming is marvelous. Cheyenne is a cute town with amenities, but from the highway you could easily drive right past it – which is what we did. We had to turn around.

We started off in Wyoming and then went into South Dakota to see Mt Rushmore. ! It is an amazing work of art. On the way back to Wyoming we went to Devil’s Tower. It looks like stump of a giant, alien tree.

We also stopped in Deadwood, South Dakota and went to the cemetary where Wild Bill Hickok was burried.


That’s not his grave, but another really pretty grave in the graveyard.