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History of War

The wars have been incorporated into this paper-


The man with an impenetrable black jacket

stitching the paper,


and a new sheet is slaughtered by little boys.

Some grow up a mile.

Some grow up.

In the footnotes,

the great wars of citrus end

as a subsidiary at a small level of heart.

Circulatory virus,

change and kill.

This is so much war and it is controversial.

Only mid-minute meals.



Thanks for reading guys. This poem was produced by first writing one poem, then running it back and forth through Google Translate in the Xhosa language of South Africa, and then editing and revising my results.

Innocence Threatened – Xhosa/Afrikaans Project

Poem in the original English, followed by translations to Xhosa and Afrikaans and back.

Blue light chases me.

My soul is cold,

spirit still dreaming.

In a meadow I roll down the hillocks

over and over,

my little sear suckered skirt frilly

over my still narrow hips.

A movie an angel might wish to watch

or a pederast.


Translation and edit:

In the meadow I roll down the hillock

my short skirt ruffled.

On my stretching back now,

a starlet with one hell of a fan.





My Love

I see my face in silver water

My voice was in the bottle you broke.

It dissolved in the vacuous air.

My love you skipped like a stone on the sea.



I see my face in the water silver

My voice broken bottle.

This dissolved air color.

My love to skip a stone over the sea.



I see my face in the water silver

My voice broken bottle.

It dissolved air color.

save my love for a rock on the beach.