Blue Highlighter

Blue highlighter paradise –

words seen through to in a haze of Prussian and cerulean.

I write notes on dinosaur bones

Shocking all the paleontologists eating my lunch money

in a backyard I wish was mine.

Highlight them in dream blue –

Just the important points.

how to soak January in fire.

how to carry my weight in tears.

Just survival tactics.

I highlight heaven,

hoping I can find it again

so blue and true



I am paralyzed

by her black black sewing

stitching me carefully in a case of

artificial sunlight and sodium.

Needles pierce me.

I used to fly.

I used to breathe.

Now I am hollow

and my blood flows somewhere else,

in a distant desert with babies

floating down my ruby stream in baskets.

See how butterflies here bring Dawn,

a wondrously big woman with her hands on her hips?


A jar of night soaks stars in onyx.

like so many cotton balls in oil.

Beneath the veil of cacophony I spill my secrets

sheenful and bloody.

Inside so much glass walled noise

I struggle to find my mouth

which chokes on cottonballs,

while begging for silence,

for air.


Bride of comparison,

you have found me

Living through lacy love letters

to the glowing voice of the world.

I have loved and lived

and lavished

like a euphoric angel,

all over the world.

See how North America quakes beneath my hands?

Hear the tender whispers of my name from Europe.

I am tired of molds and braces and boxes

What They have is not better than what I have.

Always They come with a capital T and claws.

They possess than,

But I hold hands with Then,

And waltz over the sea.

A Thorough Education

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A still wind?

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