Number Jungle

Number Jungle


5 has keys. 5 jangles.

Closes cabinets with hips.


9 slithers up the glass windows,

copulates on the roof.


2 lives

in the succulent old birch tree,

sipping insipid syrup leaking as though from a sieve.

Trees hear each other cry.



Fighting with a chipmunk for nuts is 4.

4 with big teeth and base instinct

who made the terrain with his little claw year by year.



3 is a sucker for Romance languages,

estuaries that burn the thirsty livid.



See the gators muscle through the delta

unaware he watches hungry.


7 churns in the puddles

bites mosquitoes til they welt


8 carves slices of watermelon beyond the fence


spitting seeds







listening to them nest and


content without toys


1 sings high in the breeze,

perched on a cell tower.

Unattainable music,

sweet sweat dripping from him

a rain of sugar.