Like Fish

The machinations of weeds often go unnoticed

but I can feel the dandelion’s dark intent.

Inside my computer are vices I can’t explain

and virtues I won’t.

What battles for more are fought silently

in a world of less and less?

I was born in a gold mine.

Gold is a poison.

like fish we die far away from home

in houses that will immediately be given to someone else

The 1st of November

The 1st of November


A photogenic witch is caught

with her jeans down

(Do you know even traditional witches shop at Abercrombie and Fitch?)

the day after Halloween.

Gets in trouble for being out the day after Halloween.

There is a season for everyone.

and mine for you was the summer of my life

when you were the glare I saw reflected in everything.

It is the 1st of November now.