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Dominated by a Day

Tomorrow lies in my bed
As rugged as a coast.
I marvel at the sleepiness of my fist.
Where has my fight gone?
Has it left me for another woman?
A woman with more steel in her back,
a chest of gravel?
Tomorrow hums,
Brawny and blue and wastefully.
I adore extravagance.
He wants to tell me what to do,
I luxuriate in commands.

I am no longer holding my dice.
They burn in the green fire writhing in the corner.
This is not my game.
This is not my life.
It is time to surrender.

The Yellow Sound

She is Juning at a pale farmhouse table,

a gingham table cloth singing to the rhythm of the breeze.

Sunlight sinks sonorous into her dark,

scintillating hair.

Her breath,

her summer rainbow of colors,

her cornucopia of warm feelings –

joy, ecstasy, bliss,

and their pastel coated cousin contentment,

blend in a sweet yellow hum

hovering around her.

He looks at her.

this woman of glow and pure yellow sound

and he wonders how one can contain