Journey to 4

When the blood covered
the stones,
3 was created

It was then
That the staple guns
Came out

1 was a motion – imperceptible
2 was an equation –
the question and the answer.
3 looked like a rain puddle.
3 was made of metal.

With a blowtorch,
The creation of 4 as a
fine piece of art

The whole is less than
The sum of its parts

Permanent subtraction,
Each a negative
Sucking from her own math

Under the bitter heat
This metal does not

Go North

A woman of gold

takes the train to the north

and sleeps in cold cars.


What is her business?

Star products.

People live in this fire.


Speak in writing,

alien resident





Take your unwise legs

and go northward to the country

to break.