Performance is the worst possible backseat driver.
Performance puts in long hours,
But quite frankly it’s needy.
I want to go right,
But I can do things better on the left,
So I fly left.
My little metrics pusher guiding my wheel.

Performance is born of pride and pressure.
I, Little package of blood and bone, need to find my own place to go.

2 thoughts on “Performance”

  1. “Performance is born of pride and pressure.”. Very, very true – LOL! as modernspeak puts it, “Been there, done that!”. And now, thankfully, I’m retired, my life is my own, once again.

    And we must not omit to mention that pervasive human trait, competitiveness, and so to, as you say, pride and pressure. One of the nice things about blogging on WordPress is that there is no competitiveness, no camera club competition mentality. Adrian 🙂


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