Misplaced Sky

The naturalized sky

does not fit in here,

stylizes himself after

the hapless fop in the café.


Before the sky signed up

with us,

I was like a firefly

in a jar with no lid—

except I was too stupid

to leave.


Before sky,

we had limitless

and endangered.


Now we have a cap

binding our angels

closer to us,

and selling our demons

into our authoritarian world.


Ether is just a dandy,

the accumulation of

blue, just garish.

He doesn’t belong here.

Everyone is looking

at him.


Crows circle my condo,

nest on the roof to taunt

the hawks.

The sweet vibrations of

a busy week well up

from the foundation.

My days are painted

with doors

over a base coat of darkness.

I take my sacred wishes

out to the trash.

Crows will collect them.

Hawks grab me on my way

back to home.