Children mature

the way multitudes desire,

turning from proud stones

to sand.

The machines take turns

walking me.

I’ve been ill with

wicker baskets for weeks.

Between my legs,

unzipped zipper.

Epiphany window.

When I was pregnant,

I lived wretched

as a butterfly in glass.

After birth,

I became a flower.

My stone

makes my reliquary

when she naps.

Far away,




I will hide her in

the hungry mountains.

Private School

At Craig’s suggestion, we started to consider giving private school a try. I was on the fence. I love homeschooling. Of course, I followed Craig’s lead and began to call different schools.

When I told Angelica we were going to look at some schools, she started crying. “What about homeschool?” I told her we were just looking at schools to see what there was and that she might like school. She pointed to her collection of science books we do together. I promised we could do her homeschool books together when she got home from school, that we could always learn together.

WE FELL IN LOVE WITH A SCHOOL! It is absolutely wonderful. I took Angelica with me on the tour, and she was beaming as we walked around the school. When we got out to the car she immediately told me she wanted to go to school, and asked if I could please tell Daddy that it was a good school and I liked it I did, Craig took another tour with me, and that was that. We were both sold. We applied. She got in. It is settled. Angelica is going to school this Autumn.