Photo Editing Programs

I am toying with the notion of learning how to work with multiple layers when I edit photographs. It would be nice to make some collages and other art that way. I have signed up for a Photoshop free trial. I can’t seem to get it to actually work, but I guess I’ll see what happens.

When I was looking around at photo programs I found out that there is one that is trying to compete with Adobe Photoshop now. It’s called Affinity Photo. I’m starting to watch videos to learn some things about it and I’m going to ask around if I can and get some opinions from people. It’s definitely a better price. Photoshop has always been expensive, but once upon a time you could buy the software and then that was it. You owned it. Now you don’t have to front hundreds of dollars straight off the bat, but you never actually own the software. You have to pay for it every month and the first month that you can’t or don’t pay, that software can no longer be used. Whether you have already given them a hundred bucks or you’ve already given them a couple of thousand. It’s a subscription-based service. I really don’t like that. Number one that becomes very expensive. Number two, I like to own things. With this other photo program the initial cost is around $50 from what I’m reading. Maybe it’s gone up. That really isn’t a bad price anyway, and once you put the money up the software is yours.

First I need to find out if Affinity Photo is as powerful as Photoshop. And if it is not as powerful as Photoshop, does it matter for the things I want to do? Then I will need to learn to use a new program if I decide to go with Affinity. It’s been several years since I have really used Photoshop and so I have lost most of the knowledge I had as it is. But this would be a completely different program so I would really be starting from scratch.