Bag of Humiliation

Some things are just a humbling experience. Having a bag attached to you in which you pass gass and excrete with no control about when or how loud or where is simply mortifying. My stomach finally started working with the bag last night while the nurse was in the room with me and it was terrifying because it was so embarrassing.

I can’t believe I’m going to have to live like this for three to six months. Or that other people do it their whole lives. How will I bear being close to people and how will others bear me? How can I go to public places?

I am literally going to have to change my very conception of self and surroundings. I am going to require more mercy and compassion from my husband and other people. I have to hope and pray they give it to me, or this will be a lonely time in my life.

I don’t feel sexy. I feel disgusting and gross.  This is messing with my identity, but then I remember  that I should have my identity in Christ. To put it crassly, God loves me but everyone else thinks I am nasty.  I am still a poet and creator. I am still a wife and mother.  I still have a place in the body of Christ.

But I feel so repulsive and isolated.

3 thoughts on “Bag of Humiliation”

  1. No! Never think such thoughts about yourself. Approach this step with humor…with thankfulness that it is truly temporary!
    Our son quickly spoke of my “tummy talk” as “elk calls”! When you feel a rumble in the tummy just simply place your hand over your stoma…this will “quiet” it…however, just smile…it IS much louder to you than to anyone else!
    What you are feeling is completely normal! Just know, you are beautiful and be thankful for medical technology. I have had my colostomy since August 2011. It is permanent (no going back after all parts that have been removed). I have NO regrets! Just thankful for my life and ability to share with my hubby and son…


    1. Thank you so much for commenting. I do feel pretty uncomfortable and bad about myself at this point. But your post makes me feel better. If somebody who has to have it permanently can feel so happy with it and so at peace with it so can I. It is true I probably would have died without it.

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