Bipolar problems have really amped up this month. It has been difficult to function. I have spent a lot of time in too much pain to function. The agony in my head has been so punishing. I get a few good hours here and there – sometimes even a decent afternoon. Not great, but decent. I make the most I can with the time I am given.

I am switching psych doctors. The one I have been seeing these past several months only works one day a week, a fact I did not know. When things got really bad for me she wasn’t in the office. A few days later when she came back to the office she was too busy to help me, and would not call in a prescription for anything. Another week went by before I could see her. She has put me on a different stabilizer, and I’ve switched antidepressants as well. I am still recovering from a mild case of serotonin syndrome from the last one. The sleep deprivation and sensations it caused made an already difficult time worse.

The new drug regimen is helping a little, but it is still too soon to call anything a success. I have been able to do a couple of basic things. I am not in too much pain right now. I don’t know how many hours that will last. I’m tired.

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