So for awhile now I’ve missed having a bunny. I miss Jack, the bunny I was closest to who died. And in general I’ve just missed having a furry companion. I had a cat that didn’t work out (although now looking back I think maybe I should have kept the cat as an outdoor kitty), but I still miss having a furry friend. I used to have bunnies, but Jack died and the others I gave up. I was going to be moving to my inlaws for deployment and it would have been a logistical nightmare to keep them all, not to mention the damage they were doing to my house with their territorial spraying. The problem was they pair bonded, but not as a whole group, so some of them were always at odds with others and marking territory and refusing to litter train. I wanted to keep at least one, but since they all bonded to at least one other bunny (there were five) it was impossible to keep just one without breaking up a bonded group. So I felt like I was between a rock and a hard place, and I gave them up, but I kept them together in their bonded groups. But I miss them and I think about them and hope they’re doing well.

Bunnies have been on my mind, and I finally decided to take the plunge and try having a bunny one more time. I used to really enjoy having bunnies before I took on too many to handle, and I’m wondering if it won’t be a lot easier to litter train and manage one bunny as opposed to multiples. I also wonder if all bunnies are as destructive as some of the ones I had before (Jack wasn’t destructive, just old and incontinent) and if I might have lucked out with a less destructive, equally cuddly bunny at the much more manageable (hopefully!) number of one.

So here is our new bunny, tentatively named Parsnip. He’s been chilling on the sofa with me this evening and has even been patient with the Angelica’s high energy and exuberance. Thus far I like him. He has a sweet disposition, and he is as calm and relaxed as he is playful and fun. At 7 weeks old, he’s still a baby and quite small. Because of this it may be too early to know his nature, but what I see at this point is really quite encouraging. He’s patient, kind, and companionable.

Talk about adorable: